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Regal Cinema at Birmingham Gardens vs City of Newcastle

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Regal Cinema to shut if council plan goes ahead TweetFacebookTheBirmingham Gardens Village Centre Draft Domain and Traffic Plan, the capacity of the council-owned carpark,adjacent to the cinema, will be reduced from 38 to 17 spaces.
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The council staff saythe changes are necessary because the roundabout near the cinema is one of the most dangerous traffic sites in the city.

“Students and cyclists daily risk their lives using the roundabout to get from Wallsend and Jesmond to the university,” the spokesperson told The Herald.

DOUBLE BILL: The Regal Cinema operators George Merryman and Jo Smith will close the cinema on December 23 should they lose 21 car parks. Picture: Marina Neil

READ MORE:Regal Cinema threatened by a council plan for civic improvements“While a tunnel exists under the bypass, there is no obvious way for pedestrians and cyclists to get to it when coming from the south and west.

“The only way to create the space for a cycle way is to use a portion of the City of Newcastle-owned car park that is used each weekend by patrons of theRegal Cinema.

“It’s important that the city considers the needs of cinema patrons together with the hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists who are risking their lives each week trying to get across Newcastle’s busiest road.”

At last night’s meeting council staff spoke to the plan, saying site restrictions, including an 1.35m water main and n standards relating to car parks, prevented other alternatives on thesite.

Mr Merryman responded to the plan imploring the council to find another solution, saying the Regal would need a minimum of 35 car parks to stay viable.

“We know Newcastle city councillors care,” Mr Merryman said. “Some of you saved the Regal the first time.

“If the plan goes ahead, we will lose 21 of our 38 car parks. The cinema will close.

“The closing of the cinema is not a story any of us want to tell.

“Regal patrons are fighting for our parking lot the way the Kerrigans fought for their home in The Castle.”

George Merryman7.30 Reportafter Mad Max director George Miller donated a state-of-the-art projector and surround sound system.

The cinema reopened in February 2014 after the council gifted the building to theRegaltrust.

Bruce Beresford’s latest filmLadies inBlackwas test-screened at theRegal ahead of itspremiere this month.

“He (Bruce Beresford)is a real friend of theRegal. He wanted to get some feedback before they did the final touches,” Mr Merryman said. “He said the screening was the best screening for what he needed.”

Now Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward want to test screen their new film at The Regal.

Last night’s council meeting was attended by Christine Olsen, the writer of the screenplay for A Rabbit Proof Fence

Govt funding for Qld strawberry industry

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Photo: AAP Image/Queensland Police
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The Queensland government has thrown its financial support behind the state’s crisis-hit strawberry farmers as they dump truckloads of fruit in the wake of a needle contamination scare.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a $1 million fund to help farmers bounce back and restore consumer confidence in fruit stocks.

“The sabotage of our strawberry industry is not just an attack on hard-working growers and workers, but it reaches into almost every home and school lunch box,” she told parliament on Tuesday.

“The community needs to come together and help police catch those responsible and restore our industry to the place of pride it deserves.”

Queensland’s 150 strawberry farmers produce 60 million punnets of the fruit a year worth $160 million.

At least one grower will install metal detectors to check his produce as the industry deals with the fallout from the discovery of sewing needles hidden in punnets of the fruit.

Glass House Mountains farmer Leonard Smith said the safety measure would cost him about $30,000, but would hopefully get the rest of this season’s fruit back on supermarket shelves.

However, he said the detectors wouldn’t work if the contamination was occurring offsite.

Mr Smith’s farm was forced to burn off 500,000 unsellable plants on the weekend as it was cheaper to destroy them than pick them.

He is not alone.

South n producers are sourcing x-ray machines to check fruit there, while other growers have had to cut back on staff while the impact of the nationwide contamination deepens.

Farmers have posted footage online showing their produce being dumped in truckloads and a Gold Coast woman has told of her dog becoming sick after trying to eat a strawberry packed with razor blades.

Needles have been found in strawberries in all six states, with New Zealand announcing this week it would also pull the n-grown fruit from its supermarket shelves.

A health warning to throw out or cut up strawberries remains in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South .

Queensland Strawberry Growers Association vice president Adrian Schultz said “commercial terrorism” was bringing an industry to its knees.

Queensland Police’s investigation into the contamination was further complicated when a 62-year-old woman was caught sticking a needle into a banana in a shop in Mackay, in an apparent copycat act.

The woman, who is understood to have mental health issues, was given a warning and referred to appropriate support services.

Centenary of the Great War

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END IN SIGHT: By September 1918, the war in the Middle East was fast approaching its end and would be finished the following month. Photo: The Digger’s View, Juan Mahony
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Newcastle Morning Herald Transcriptions and Hunter Valley enlistment and death details for September 16-22, 1918.TOTALS TO DATEThe weekly return issued by the Defence Department shows that the casualties in the AIFto date total 277,876. Details are as follow: Dead, 52,187; missing, 87; prisoners, 3377; wounded, 147,422; sick, 74,589; unspecified, 216.

WITH THE AUSTRALIANSThe n troops are gradually coming up against stiff German resistance as they approach the Hindenburg line. We know perfectly well the strength of this great defensive system. A partial attempt has therefore been made to make a breach in the German position. On Saturday the New South Welshmen took a portion of the German position, whereupon the Germans launched a really strong counter-attack, and the n posts were driven back, but on Sunday they advanced, and took the same position without serious opposition.

Mr Philip Gibbs reports: Beyond Peronne and the outskirts of St. Quentin the Austerities are working forward a little, but letting the enemy retire to the Hindenburg line more or less at his leisure. Knowing he intends to get there, it is useless wasting men in hurrying him up.

DEFEAT OF TURKSA report from British headquarters in Palestine says that on Thursday General Allenby’s army brilliantly carried a whole series of Turkish fortified positions from the coast across the plain of Sharon.It was a surprise attack on the enemy’s strongest entrenchments. The infantry attacked after ten minutes’ bombardment, and swiftly carried the elaborate systems, and enabled the Yeomanry, n Light Horse, and Indian cavalry to pass through. The horsemen are now in the enemy’s rear. Fully 3000 prisoners were taken. The position is most promising.

AMERICA’S TROOPSA Washington correspondent of The Times on June 28 writes: “Under arms today in the American army are 186,000 negroes. If the manpower of the United States is wholly put into the field, on the same scale as in Europe, 900,000 black soldiers will appear in France and Flanders. It is not in the ranks alone that the negro fighter is found. There are 650 commissioned officers, all men of college education, among them, commanding coloured troops, and fresh promotions are frequently made. And, in addition, 225 negroes are serving as doctors and dentists, which implies that they hold diplomas from colleges. In the black regiments, since the beginning of the war, about 200 veteran NCOs have been given commissioned rank. Before the institution of the selective draft, but after the declaration of war on Germany, 29,000 negroes joined the volunteer army, and 7000 went into the National Guard units, joining their 7000 comrades who were in the regular army before the war.

HOME LEAVE FOR ANZACSThe Official Correspondent with the ns, writing from Headquarters in France says: Home leave will be given to the ns for the first time since the beginning of the war. The n soldiers to whom, owing to great difficulties of shipping, home leave has been unknown, will now obtain this privilege for their old enlisted men on the n Prime Minister’s urgent appeal. This magnificent piece of news was given to the n soldiers on Saturday by Mr. Hughes who visited the n front.

Speaking to a number of n soldiers, who had been in Egypt, Gallipoli, and France, since 1914, Mr Hughes said as the result of strong representations to the War Office, he had succeeded in making arrangements whereby the men who enlisted in 1914, of whom it is estimated about 7000 are still with the n Force abroad, will be granted home leave. Arrangements had already been concluded whereby the men leave for during the autumn, the whole number being despatched before the winter sets in. The Prime Minister said the arrangement provided for their return to the front during the spring. He believed that the preference in of her splendid men would give an immense impetus to recruiting.

This announcement has received an immensely warm welcome throughout the whole force. The sudden chance of seeing again which MrHughes’ efforts has thus obtained for them, comes to these old diggers with overwhelming strength of feeling, so great that no n could be unmoved.

NEWS OF THE DAYA direct appeal to enlist is to be made by post to the 800,000 men of military age in the Commonwealth.

STATE RECRUITINGThe number of recruits enlisted in New South Wales for the week just ended was the lowest for some months past. Only 184 men were accepted.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL PATONBrigadier-General Paton, CB, CMG, VD, in a letter received a few days ago by a Newcastle resident, makes mention of his early return to Newcastle. He is feeling the effects of his four years’ campaigning, and, as he has been in hospital for some time, the probabilities are he shall not return to the front. In referring to a big operation carried out by his brigade and a brigade of Americans, he writes: “It is a remarkable and memorable coincidence that the first time the soldiers of the Republic should go ‘over the top’ in company with the Diggers was on July 4, the anniversary of their day of independence.”

LIEUTENANT-COLONEL BEIERSNews has been received In Newcastle that Lieutenant-colonel Beiers, MC, has been “invalided out”as medically unfit for further active service. Lieutenant-colonel Beiers suffered considerably from ill-health and since an operation for appendicitis had been on the sick-list. Prior to war breaking out he had been employed in the drawing office of the Sulphide Corporation at Cockle Creek, and at the Government Dockyard, Walsh Island. He left as a lieutenant, and at the time of his retirement was commanding the 19th Battalion. It is not his intention to return to , as he has accepted a position with an engineering firm in England.

SERGEANT TUNNEYInformation has been received that Sergeant John Tunney, of Pelaw Main, was killed in France on August 30.

17TH BATTALION FUNDAt the second annual meeting of the 17th Battalion Comforts Fund, there was a large attendance of members. The report, submitted by Miss J. Holdon, the honorary secretary, showed that they had had another busy year. In all, 504 pairs of socks had been despatched to the front, and the appeal for Christmas cheer had also been satisfactory. Thirteen cases, containing 312 boxes, had been sent, the total value being £78. Thanks were tendered to all workers and friends for their help.

ANZACS ON HOME LEAVEAt the meeting of the council of the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce, Mr J.CReid, the president, referred to the arrangements made by Mr Hughes, the Prime Minister, for extended leave to the men who enlisted in 1914, to enable them to return to for a time.Mr Reid pointed out that the Lord Mayor of Sydney had already called a meeting to arrange for a fitting welcome to the men, adding that he had no doubt that a similar movement would be initiated in Newcastle. He promised the support of the chamber of commerce in any steps which might be taken in the direction. The men of Newcastle made a fine response in the early months of the war. The day that Mr Fisher, who was then Prime Minister, announced that it had been decided to offer to Great Britain the services of a force of 20,000 ns, Newcastle men hurried to Sydney to offer their services. Many of them have fallen. Others have come back wounded, but in the 7000 of the original contingent now in France there are many Newcastle district men who, in answer to the first note in the call to arms, gave their services. Since that day they have borne the burden of battle. While the full arrangements in connection with the furlough of the Anzacs have not yet been announced, it is known that some of them will be here by Christmas, and all of them will be here by the early part of the coming year. The people of Newcastle have watched their fortunes on the battle front. They have carried themselves well, and they will return for a brief period, full of the honours of war. The support which the president of the chamber of commerce promised to any movement for their fitting reception will be accorded by all sections of the community. Their stay will not be long. It would be unfair to ask from them too much of the time allowed, for home ties will have so strong a call on them.

ABERMAINThe members of the Abermain Comforts Fund have packed and despatched by post 32 parcels of comforts for the soldiers on active service. Each parcel contained the usual supply of comforts so much appreciated by the soldiers. During the last month 242 skeins of wool and 4 packets of knitting cotton have been given out, and 71 pairs of socks, 13 washers, and 1 scarf have been returned.

HAMILTONMr and MrsRobert Jamieson, of William Street, Hamilton have received word of the award of the Military Medal to their son, Corporal Signaller George Jamieson. The decoration was won at Hamel in June last. After the objectives were reached Corporal Jamieson succeeded under heavy fire in establishing urgently needed telephone communication. He personally superintended the laying of the lines, and saw that all the technical gear reached its allotted position. Corporal Jamieson, who prior to enlistment early in 1915, was employed in the Commonwealth Public Service in the Customs Department, both in Sydney and Newcastle, left these shores with 7th Reinforcements, 20th Battalion, in charge of his brother (Lieutenant W.JJamieson), transferring with him later to the 15th Battalion.

WEST MAITLANDLeading Stoker Cecil Grace, who has been invalided home, is expected to arrive at the end of the month. He was at New Guinea on one of the destroyers, and was on HMASSydney in the Emden fight. He afterwards saw service in other parts of the world.

WEST WALLSENDPrivate D. Curran, who came home on Saturday on final leave, was presented with the usual citizen presents by the patriotic committee. The function, owing to Private Curran having to return on Sunday evening, took place in Mr. Low’s picture palace, the proprietor allowing the committee the use of his hall at intermission. MrJ. Campbell introduce Private Curran, and made the presentation, wishing the recipient godspeed and a safe return.

ENLISTMENTSGeorge Savage, Muswellbrook.

DEATHSPte Reginald Edward Crawford, Warnervale; Pte John Williams Davis, West Maitland; Pte Harold George Ellis, Weston; Gnr Cecil Bernard Feneley, West Maitland; Pte Edwin Arthur Frewin, Hamilton; Pte Alexander Chisholm Gordon, Carrington; Pte Frederick Hill, Scone; Pte John Thomas Hope, Merewether; Lieut Cecil Jack McDonald, Ravensworth; Pte Francis Anson Mehan, Mayfield; Pte Lyall Newcombe, East Maitland; Cpl Ernest Gilchrist Nicholls, Merewether; Pte Hugh Robert Ryan, New Lambton; Pte James Edwin Sheldon, Cooks Hill; Pte Samuel Joseph Tanner, Scone.

David Dial OAM is a Hunter Valley-based military historian and member of Hunter Living Histories. Follow his research at facebook苏州夜总会招聘/HunterValleyMilitaryHistory

Argentina ex-president faces bribe charges

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Argentina’s former President Cristina Fernandez has been indicted on corruption charges.Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernandez has been indicted on charges that her administration accepted bribes from construction companies in exchange for public works contracts.
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Argentina’s Justice Department is seeking to determine whether Fernandez headed a broad corruption network that involved politicians and businessmen during her two terms as president from 2007-15.

The corruption scandal erupted in August when a local newspaper published notebooks kept by a chauffer of Fernandez’s former planning minister.

The notebooks catalogued bags of cash allegedly delivered to government offices and the private residence of Fernandez and her late husband and former President Nestor Kirchner.

A spokesperson for Fernandez did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

As a senator, Fernandez enjoys immunity from arrest, although she is not immune from prosecution.

Federal judge Claudio Bonadio, who is heading the investigation, asked that Fernandez be impeached, a move that is unlikely to garner the support necessary to pass a Senate vote.

“It is necessary to continue this investigation until we have completely clarified how these illegal payments were structured, at least in regards to the officials who were part of the former planning ministry and the entrepreneurs associated with them,” the indictment said.

The scandal has implicated dozens of former officials and business owners in the construction sector, shaking confidence in an industry already burdened by an ailing economy, government cuts to public works and crippling interest rates at 60 per cent.

Although Fernandez has already been indicted on other charges, she still enjoys broad popular support, and is widely expected to run for president again next year.

Consumers will pay for US tariffs on China

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Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham. Photo: Alex EllinghausenTrade Minister Simon Birmingham has warned n consumers will end up paying for Donald Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on $278 billion worth of Chinese goods.
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The US president has announced a new round of tariffs against China to take effect from Monday, starting at 10 per cent, and rising to 25 per cent at the beginning of next year.

He threatened to drive the trade stake even deeper if Beijing retaliates.

Accounting giant KPMG estimates the escalation in the US-China trade war could cost the n economy at least $36 billion over the next decade, depriving the national economy of 0.3 per cent growth.

The global firm predicts will be far more heavily bruised than the European Union or Japan.

As a small, open economy anything that negatively influences our trading with other countries is a bad outcome for ,” KPMG chief economist Brendan Rynne told AAP on Tuesday.

“The real concern remains that this trade war develops into something that brings in other countries who adopt protectionist trade measures to ward off the excess goods that get built up in China and the US.”

Speaking to ABC radio minutes before the announcement was made, Senator Birmingham said “disruptive” trade practices hurt economies.

“Tariffs ultimately result in consumers paying more and disruptive trade practices ultimately hurt economies rather than help them,” he said.

Senator Birmingham said was always concerned when people flouted the rules-based order of international trade.

The federal government is focused on pursuing free trade deals and guarding against other nations dumping low-value goods on n soil.

“We have continued to consistently urge parties not to pursue distorting subsidies and not to pursue unilateral tariff actions,” Senator Birmingham said.

Labor frontbencher Brendan O’Connor fears will be collateral damage in the global trade war.

“There will be ramifications – the extent and nature of which we don’t know yet – but there’ll be some impact on ,” Mr O’Connor told Sky News.

“The retaliation is going to ripple through this region, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Kim hopes for ‘big outcome’ at summit

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Kim Jong-un has greeted South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang for their third summit.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says he wants to produce a “big outcome” as he started three days of summit talks with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in aimed at rekindling stalled nuclear diplomacy.
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The two leaders began official talks on Tuesday afternoon, after parading down the streets of Pyongyang in Kim’s black Mercedes limousine to loud cheers from nearly 100,000 North Koreans who waved flowers and chanted “Unification! Motherland!”

Earlier, Kim greeted Moon with hugs and handshakes as the South Korean leader landed in the North’s capital with a mission to revive momentum in faltering talks between Washington and Pyongyang over denuclearisation and advance the prospect of formally ending the Korean War.

As Kim escorted Moon to the Paekhwawon State Guest House, where the South Korean leader will stay during his visit, Kim said he wanted to produce a “bigger outcome at a faster pace” than the two leaders have achieved so far.

“You Mr President are travelling all around the world, but our country is humble compared with developed nations,” Kim told Moon.

“I’ve been waiting and waiting for today. The level of the accommodation and schedule we provide may be low, but it’s our best sincerity and heart.”

Moon said it was “time to bear fruit” and thanked Kim for his hospitality, which included a massive welcome ceremony at Pyongyang International Airport featuring a large, goose-stepping honour guard and a military band.

During their motor parade through Pyongyang’s landmark Ryomyong Street, a new residential district launched last year under Kim’s initiative to modernise the city, Kim and Moon briefly stepped out of the vehicle to greet and take flowers from members of the crowd.

The two leaders were scheduled to attend a musical performance and have dinner at Mokrankwan, a top banquet hall where Kim hosted massive celebrations last year to congratulate scientists and officials for tests on long-range missile capable of reaching the United States.

This week’s summit, the third between Moon and Kim, will be a litmus test for another meeting Kim has recently proposed to US President Donald Trump.

Trump has asked Moon to be “chief negotiator” between himself and Kim, according to Moon’s aides, after Trump cancelled a trip to Pyongyang by his secretary of state last month.

Washington wants to see concrete action toward denuclearisation by North Korea before agreeing to a key goal of Pyongyang – declaring an end to the 1950-53 Korean War.

On Wednesday, Moon and Kim plan to hold a second round of officials talks after which they are expected to unveil a joint statement, and a separate military pact designed to defuse tensions and prevent armed clashes. Moon will return home early Thursday.

PM wants your aged care horror stories

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Scott Morrison visited Ray and Wendy White, who receive residential care at their Canberra home.If you’ve got an aged care horror story, then Prime Minister Scott Morrison wants to hear from you.
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The Health Department has set up a website where ns can tell their stories, which will then be passed on to the aged care royal commission.

“Where you have particular insights or suggestions, they will be taken on board,” Mr Morrison said in Canberra on Tuesday.

The call-out comes as the aged care minister revealed the escalating number of serious risks found in aged care that led to him supporting a royal commission, despite previously saying he didn’t back one.

Ken Wyatt says an aged care quality regulation agency identified two such risks in its first year, 22 in its second and 61 in its third.

“When you get information like that, you drill down,” he told parliament.

“Looking at that, I then spoke with the prime minister.”

The minister said he has responded to all concerns mentioned to him since taking on the post.

“When issues have been raised with me, we have acted on them.”

The royal commission will look at the quality of both residential and home aged care, including how young ns with disabilities are cared for in residential facilities.

Mr Morrison sent mixed messages on Tuesday on whether disability providers will also be investigated through the inquiry, seeming at first to all but rule the idea out.

“It’s important that we keep the focus of these inquiries. If they become an inquiry into everything, they become too broad,” he told reporters.

But he appeared to reopen the possibility when asked about a wheelchair-bound young man badly burnt in the care of a disability organisation, saying he wants to understand the extent of the abuse.

“And, potentially, to go to the earlier question, whether they reach into other sectors as well,” Mr Morrison said.

“If that’s the case, then that provides a further line of inquiry.”

Greens senator Jordon Steele-John, who has mild cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, said the government had for years ignored requests for a commission into violence, abuse and neglect of disabled ns.

Mr Wyatt met with the aged care sector committee on Monday to discuss the raft of issues in the sector, with Mr Morrison joining him to meet them again on Tuesday.

He said he would continue to consult with aged care providers, along with Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Stars shine on gold carpet at Emmy awards

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Hollywood’s top TV talent stepped out in bright yellow and sparkling white gowns, jumpsuits and tuxedo jackets that complemented a gold carpet as they arrived for a too-close-to-call Emmys race.
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Actresses Alison Brie, Judith Light and Tatiana Maslany all chose sunny yellow for the television industry’s highest honours, which were being handed out in a downtown Los Angeles theatre on a hot late-summer day.

Bucking the heat, Light wore a slim, long-sleeved, yellow gown with a turtleneck.

“Orphan Black” star Maslany wore a custom pant suit with a yellow one-shouldered top, black pants and a yellow sash cascading from her waist to the floor.

They walked a carpet that was coloured gold instead of the traditional red to celebrate the Emmys 70th anniversary.

White also was popular, the pick of Kristen Bell and Scarlett Johansson. “The Sinner” star Jessica Biel wore a strapless white gown with a scallop pattern and full skirt.

Men on the carpet followed suit. Sixteen-year-old “Stranger Things” star Gaten Matarazzo donned a gold jacket, and “This is Us” actor Milo Ventimiglia’s tuxedo jacket was white. “Barry” actor Henry Winkler accented his black tux with a yellow tie.

Some of the top nominees stood out in bright colours. Actresses Rachel Brosnahan and Sandra Oh shined in red, while Elisabeth Moss wore traditional black.

Jennifer Lewis, an actress on “black-ish,” sported a red-and-black Nike sweatshirt with a sparkling silver swoosh logo, which she said was a show of support after the brand featured NFL star Colin Kaepernick in a new ad campaign.

Kaepernick was the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racism.

“Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross picked one of the most daring outfits – a hot pink gown with a full pleated skirt and large puffy top. Ross said she spotted the Valentino gown on a runway in Paris.

Tiffany Haddish also stood out with a striped blue, red, yellow and green dress.

“Seven Seconds” star Regina King wore a bright yellow, sleek strapless gown, and comfortable shoes.

“I have on vintage Guccis that are mine,” King said. “They are broken in. They are dancing shoes.”

New assault allegation against Weinstein

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An 11th woman has made a sexual assault allegation against Harvey Weinstein in the UK.Britain’s Scotland Yard is investigating a new allegation against Harvey Weinstein, from an 11th woman who has come forward to London police to accuse the disgraced Hollywood producer of sexual assault.
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The new complaint was filed on August 16, Scotland Yard told Variety on Monday.

The alleged assault occurred “in an unknown location in the early 1990s,” police said, without providing further details.

The Yard also confirmed earlier reports that its officers had visited the US as part of what it refers to as Operation Kaguyak.

“Officers involved in this investigation travelled to the United States in June as part of their inquiries,” the Yard said. “We are not prepared to discuss further.”

A total of 11 women have now complained to London police of 16 separate alleged sexual assaults by Weinstein, from the early 1980s through to 2015.

Four of the alleged attacks, including one in Ireland, occurred outside the jurisdiction of Scotland Yard, which passed the allegations on to the relevant police forces.

No arrest has been made in Operation Kaguyak, and there have been no police interviews conducted under caution, the Yard said.

Weinstein denies all accusations of non-consensual sex.

Most of the allegations against the former movie mogul were received last October and November, with two complaints lodged this year.

The latest is the first logged by the police since February.

Weinstein is facing sexual assault accusations on both sides of the Atlantic. In the US, he is also facing various civil claims from alleged victims.

Burgess credits Seibold for NRL revival

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South Sydney’s George Burgess has hailed coach Anthony Seibold for reviving his career.South Sydney prop George Burgess has credited rookie coach Anthony Seibold for rebuilding a battered body that some believe was headed for the NRL scrapheap.
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Burgess admits being left frustrated by a chronic hip injury that resulted in a steady decline in numbers over the past three years and reduced him to be a bit-part front-rower.

It was so bad, the English international was overlooked for the World Cup.

“A lot of people don’t know I’ve got an arthritic hip and for a young age, it’s not the best thing to have,” George told AAP.

“I’ve had surgeries, but you’re never really the same.”

But under the guidance of Seibold, Burgess believes he is now playing his best football since powering the Rabbitohs to an emotional breakthrough premiership in 2014.

At his lowest point, Burgess was averaging just 33 minutes a game last year.

However, when Seibold took over from Michael Maguire last September, he was so confident he could help Burgess rediscover his best that he handed him a one-year extension.

Almost 12 months on and the 26-year-old is punching out nearly 40 minutes a game – his highest input since undergoing surgery on both his hips and groins.

“I’ll have to manage it for the rest of my career. It’s something you do as a football player. You’re never as fresh as you were as when you started playing, so you’ve got to get smarter,” he said.

And that’s where Seibold came in.

“We altered some of my training in the pre-season, we changed a fair bit of my training. Not training on the field two days in a row helped a lot,” Burgess said.

“My hip was able to recover and I could do more training after that. That was a big key.”

Now as the Rabbitohs prepare for Saturday’s NRL preliminary final against the Roosters, Burgess is physically and mentally ready for another shot at a title.

“I knew within myself that if I get my body right and do the work there, I can get my form where I wanted it to be,” he said.

“It’s the best time of the year to be playing football.”