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Short Takes: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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WITH Cher about to turn back time for Novocastrians and then other ns, I pondered the fact that so many of the singers and songwriters that defined the soundtrack of my life are still going strong. I just wonder whether the likes of Pink, Taylor Swift and even Adele (who is someone for just like me) will be doing tours down under when the millennial are reelin’ in the years, stowin’ away the time.
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Allan Gibson,CherrybrookAS a regular Coles shopper I notice trolleys exiting the shop packed full of new Coles bags. These bags are becoming the single-use norm. They are a larger, thicker bag and are made of 80 per cent recycled plastic in South East Asia. Coming from Asia where most of their plastic ends up on the coast of northern , I find this hard to believe. These bags are a bigger threat to our ecosystem than the bags they replace. We will really have to go to paper or jute!

Ken Godwin,ValentinePIE history lesson: 60 or so years ago, Dransfield Pies in Darby Street was a popular pie shop and sold, by the standards of the day, exotic meat and fruit pies. My parents bought them for Saturday lunch. I think Dransfields morphed into Darby’s Pies later.

Keith Parsons,NewcastleREGARDING the recent shark attacks that left two people fighting for their lives – catch and kill operations are flawed. Does anyone remember Ron and Valerie Taylor they went on a shark culling frenzy decades ago, but they only shot grey nurse sharks. I hope common sense will prevail and not have an open season on sharks.

Greg Stewart,WoodberryWELL done Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 24/9), your letter started with you ridiculing young retail workers for being confused when you speak profoundly unhelpful nonsense, and ended with you body shaming a young lady for not liking a type of food that a very large percentage of people find utterly disgusting. I’m guessing your criticisms must be the result of you being the most intelligent person alive, and possessing the most flawless figure imaginable.

Adz Carter,NewcastleSTEVE Barnett (Short Takes, 24/9) regularly criticises our young for not working and now, for working. Steve it’s impossible to know all the thousands of items in a supermarket. Deliberately creating a problem to embarrass a worker for your own amusement says more about you than them. Assumptions and body shaming are also not OK. Even low paid workers deserve respect.

Colin Fordham,LambtonTO Julie Robinson (Short Takes, 25/9): welcome to the era of the zombie checkouts and generation useless. I like the look on their face when, after they total your bill, you give them the coin change, it’s best described as totally dumbfounded, unfortunately this is now the world we live in.

Brad Hill,SingletonTHE POLLSWASRiley McGree’s goal better than Salah’s?

Yes 87.01%,No 12.99%

Short Takes September 27 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

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SCOTT Morrison has just announced a few more billion dollars’ funding for Catholic and independent schools (‘States not happy with Catholic school deal’, Newcastle Herald,22/9). Let’s hope our state education minister is equally effective as a lobbyist as the Catholic and independent school systems are, and that our state school students receive the same proportional increase in funding as students in those systems.
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Susie Johnson,AdamstownA MESSAGEfrom my daughter living in London: it’s ridiculous that there has been fiveprime ministers in fiveyears.A country can’t run at its best when you have someone in office for just a year.It sounds very unstable and I bet that it is unsettling for a lot of ns.

Amanda Johnstone,MayfieldFORGET the late lamented Queens Wharf Tower on the harbour and ignore the light rail. Far more serious is the failure of coffee shop baristas to give customers what they order. Too often a cappuccino is given instead of a flat white, or a cup is offered instead of the desired mug. Baristas, customers drink coffee for your protection.

Ian Stewart,Elermore ValeADVOCATES of quota systems appear to be somewhat disoriented. Not long ago, discrimination was the burr under the public saddle, but quotas are discrimination at its worst, blatantly supporting the beneficiaries. While 100% of seats, even if unlikely, would be up for grabs with a 40% quota, opponents would be limited to a 60% maximum.Fair go, girls. Where is the equality in that?

Ron Elphick,Buff PointI NOTE that a large hardware chain is selling pieces of schist rock for $15.48 a chunk. This is to use as stepping stones. I pointed out to my wife that this is remarkably cheap given we have been getting nothing but schist from Canberra for the last ten years and it’s been costing us a lot more than that. I think I’ll get my schist locally from now on.

Ian Osborne,BelmontNO WONDER self-confidence is dire forsome young adults, Steve Barnett (Short Takes24/9).

Kath Baker,EdgeworthGEEZ, Dick McGuigan (Letters 24/9), if you find the speed restriction risky, what about allowingmotorcyclists to ride up to 30km/h between lanes of both moving and stationary traffic. I find that more dangerous than playing leapfrog with a unicorn.

Charles Farley,Adamstown HeightsREGARDING the NRL and the Billy Slater decision (‘Slater in the clear for grand final swansong’, Herald 26/9):if there were a race called the Fair Dinkum Stakes the NRL would be at Winx odds to come last.

Matt Ophir,CharlestownAND they wonder why people are turning away from rugby league in droves. It’s just another reason why my boys play rugby union, and another nail in the coffin of what was once a great game. Hang your heads.

Brad Hill,SingletonTHE POLLSCOULD you recycle moreat home?

Yes 36%, No 64%

Short Takes: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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IN our gender-free society, what’s stopping our women’s cricket team replacing the current lot of failures playing in Pakistan?
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John Bonnyman, Fern BayTWENTY years ago I was delivering a yacht and pulled into Port Macquarie which has a difficult entrance. A second yacht followed close behind me and came to thank me for guiding them. It was the Navy vessel Lady Penrose and they gave me the best meal and wine I’d had for a long time. I wonder where those young men are now and hope their dreams and plans came true.

Ann Ellis, MerewetherREGARDING South Newcastle beach skate bowl, Robyn Lewis (Short Takes, 27/10). It’s very simple to get there Robyn, like they do everywhere, they would ride their skateboards to the new rink.

Colin Atkins, WyongJOHN Arnold (Short Takes, 27/10): GetUp!, environmental groups, the Greens, trade unions and the Sex Party don’t need their own schools. It’s easier to get an ideological toehold in existing schools. I’m sure if they had their own schools they would be, as you say, ‘inclusive’. It’s what they might include that concerns many of us!

Peter Dolan, LambtonSCOTT Morrison has seen fit to open government coffers to assist the farmers. Perhaps his largesse will also extend to providing additional funding for public schools, and adequate assistance to the homeless to end homelessness in this country.

Susie Johnson, AdamstownWHY have all our MPs turned into cold-hearted mongrels? Send the Air Force to Nauru and bring those children and their mothers here. MPs who don’t want them here, please go and live somewhere else.

Barry Spaulding, CardiffIF the Liberal-country party Coalition wishes to win the election next year, it must release all the refugees on Manus and Nauru and bring them to .

Ian Stewart, Elermore ValeTO Don Fraser (Short Takes, 27/10):It’s all good mate. Until today nobody had heard of you either … lol.

Tony Padgett, Newcastle EastNOT wanting to correspond to anyone in particular, I want to say virtue signalling doesn’t cut the mustard when washing one’s hands of contributing to climate change. Mining companies plant trees and also mine minerals essential for the production of the Prius motor vehicle. The only way to be holier than thou is to not exist at all.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayRHONDAGrant (Short Takes, 29/10), yes the dinosaurs are being taken over by the thick black rimmed glass brigade who take as gospel what they read in a book written by an imbecile for imbeciles. Oh to have a couple of T-Rexs to sort these pathetic creatures out.

Brad Hill, SingletonTHE POLLSWILL you be holidaying on a cruise?

Yes 18.18%,No 81.82%

Short Takes: Saturday, September 22, 2018

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THERE was a time when, if an MP was found to have misled parliament they would immediately do the honourable thing and resign from parliament. This is not the case with Peter Dutton. Some of the current crop of MPs seem to lack honour and a conscience.
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Susie Johnson,AdamstownSCOTT Bell-Ellercamp (Letters, 20/9)I think the majority of intelligent ns consume 250 grams of meat a day on average, annual chicken consumption per capital has increased from 4.6kg in 1965 to 49.2kg projected consumption in 2020. leads the world in meat consumption, an average of 100kg per person per year, intelligence thanks to meat, the thinking persons brain food.

Butcher Steve Barnett,Fingal BayYES Colin Fordham (Short Takes, 19/9), it’s spring and as an outdoor worker I love this time of year. A big thank you to the gardeners who brighten our neighbourhoods with fabulous azaleas, brilliant orange clivia and smiling pansy faces etc, making it easy to laugh off the swooping magpies, plovers and the odd cranky goose.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthWITH all the waste with the strawberries, instead of dumping truck loads of them why not put a metal detector through the load and give it to the farmers for their animals. Then it would not be a total waste.

Alan Ackroyd,HamiltonCONGRATULATIONS to Tim Crakanthorp for being labelled by Transport Minister Andrew Constance “Newcastle’s whinger-in-chief” (‘Light rail build a fortnight from finish’, Herald,18/9). It means at least one local Labor politician is doing his job, defending the city and criticising this neo-Liberal bogan Coalition government’s facile spin and for dishing up third-rate transport initiatives like the street tram and a privatised bus service. I’m sure lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes was embarrassed to be on the receiving end of Constance’s mischievous high praise. I hope so, anyway.

Keith Parsons, NewcastleDO not think I will get much sleep tonight after reading the article on page 7 (‘Fee of $44k for 600m move’, Herald,19/9). The question that will keep me awake is what is considered a “peak vehicle journey” in the Cardiff (ballet school) area. As a person who has lived in the Cardiff area since January 1972 I have seen a huge increase in the traffic flow and this traffic happens all day. Also I would like to know how council came up with 41 as the number of journeys per day the ballet school would generate as they are already giving lessons in the area?

Meryl Pickles,Macquarie Hills (formerly Cardiff)THE POLLSDO you think time capsules are an important part of history?

Yes 83.46%,No 16.54%SHOULD parking be limited at Marketown?

Yes 76.16%,No 23.84%SHOULD refunds be issued for tickets sold to seats that didn’t exist?

Yes 97.18%,No 2.82%

Short Takes: Friday, September 21, 2018

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TWO things I find bizarre: firstly, most drug-related deaths are caused by misuse of prescription drugs, either by over-prescription, addiction or mistakes. Secondly, the drug that causes our society the most money is alcohol. Both perfectly legal, and yet, all the governments’ efforts are directed at illegal drugs.
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Joan Lambert,AdamstownTHE representation of women in parliaments is greatly enhanced by the proportional representation – party list electoral system used in 90 countries. In 25 such countries women representation ranges from 37 per cent to 60 per cent, many of them European. The Single Member Districts system, used in for lower houses, has greatly favoured men. Other major advantages of the proportional representation–party list: no by-elections, no pork barrelling, one vote per voter. Are n women campaigning for this? Do they know?

Klaas Woldring,Pearl BeachVERY happy to see that they have finally circumcised the Queens Wharf Tower. However, I still think that the structure would make a great start for an artificial reef off Stockton beach.

Gerardo Prietto,StocktonGREG Cussan, your letterhas made John Sandy into a real person (Letters, 19/9). Until your letter John was just a name. We now know more about him and I would like to say “Welcome to mate, you certainly sound like a good bloke”. Unfortunately our refugee intake has not been made too welcome. We need to hear more about them and the things they have accomplished. To John Sandy: “Welcome to Oz mate”.

Wal Remington,Mount HuttonNEWCASTLE City Council’s plan for a skate park at Newcastle South beach is a great idea for the kids of Newcastle.However, now there have been some negatives thrown into the mix, such as sand getting on the park and its impact on waves, maybe it’s time to look at the old bowling club site in adjoining King Edward Park. It’s only about 500 metres away. This area is not currently being used for anything and it meets the criteria for public use. Even the FOKEP could use it!

Neville Morris,ValentineOBVIOUSLY Julia Riseley (Letters, 18/9) hasn’t been to the outback! She should, then she would realise that the country is overrun by millions of roos. I would love to know who informed her facts and figures were being falsified to justify the culling. Can you justify your statement Julia?

Robert Dixon,MorpethSIR Bill Slicer (Short Takes, 19/9)got it right. The Transport Minister has turned the multi-million dollar Sydney and intercity trains into mobile graffitied and vandalised platforms.It’s only a matter of time.

John O’Brien,MerewetherTHE POLLSWHAT do you think of the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan?

It’s great 52.17%,It doesn’t really matter 47.83%