Climate experts call for WA fracking ban

By admin • 苏州性息 • 18 Apr 2019

The scientists will call on the government for a comprehensive ban on fracking.The former head of the CSIRO’s atmospheric research team and a former premier are among a group of more than 50 experts urging the West n government to permanently ban fracking in the state.
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Graeme Pearman and Carmen Lawrence will visitWA’s state parliament in Perth on Tuesday morning to call for the ban on fracking, with an open letter that also includes support from 2003 n of the Year Fiona Stanley and Climate Council chief Tim Flannery.

The group penned the letter as they await the release of the final report by the WA Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry into fracking.

The WA Labor government called for the inquiry to decide on the future of the method after placing a moratorium on it throughout the state, as well as banning onshore gas fracking in the Perth, South West and Peel regions.

The group of experts has grown from more than 30 scientists co-ordinated by the left-leaning Institute who also urged the Northern Territory government to ban fracking.

Former CSIRO atmospheric research headGraeme Pearman says WA is facing severe dry conditions with increasing fire seasons and heat waves as a result of global warming.

“Within our children’s lifetime, we are facing potential temperature rises of up to 6.5 degrees, with largely irreversible impacts on water supply, coastal flooding, crop and grazing production, human health and biodiversity,” Professor Pearman said.

Climate Analytics CEO Bill Hare says fracking will make it impossible for to meet its emission reduction target and threaten global Paris agreement targets.

The Institute for Financial and Energy Analysis’ Bruce Robertson says fracking in the state will drive up domestic gas prices to above global parity prices, as has happened in the eastern states.

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