“Politicians and wannabe despots clearly no longer consult their astrologer before making policy or usurping power. I don’t think society is wiser or better for it.”

By admin • 苏州美甲 • 18 Mar 2019

Mirror, mirror: “We are all intuitive, we’re just too caught up in our heads in a world that disconnects us from our best instincts,” says Bohomofo founder Kerrie Basha.

Who influenced your belief in all things otherworldly?

I was raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches by two regular wonderful parents. My beliefs grew out of my interests in mythology, metaphysics, history and healing.

You are a tarot reader, energy healer, astrologer and writer. Where did you learn your craft?

I was fortunate to receive a wonderful education, I had great teachers who instilled in me a love of learning. I have studied alternative therapies for two decades and read constantly to keep my skills up to date. I am a relentless asker of questions.

Was there a moment where you realised you had certain “superpowers” in these matters, or did you learn as you went?

I don’t see it as a superpower but I have worked very hard to hone my craft. I think we are all intuitive, we’re just too caught up in our heads in a world that disconnects us from our best instincts. My work helps connect people to that deeper knowing.

When and how did your business Bohomofo start?

It started in 2012 as a little hippy shop in Wollombi called Bohemia, where I would hold moon meditations. One day my tarot reader didn’t show and I stepped in. It all grew from there. Bohomofo was originally the name of my blog and once I shut the shop to be more mobile, I adopted the moniker as my brand.

What is your most common service and why?

Definitely readings. I have clients all over the world and the most common feedback I get is that people feel seen and heard and held when they have a reading. You gain greater clarity and insight into what is going on for you, which helps you determine your future.

Are people most likely to seek you out when they are going through life changes?

Of course. Some love to have a reading at the beginning or end of a particular cycle. They may be approaching travel or marriage or parenthood, suffering through loss or grief, looking to change careers or contemplating a new path.

Do you have a death tarot card?

Absolutely and she’s a favourite! Death is a metaphor for transition and life is constant change. I joke that we are all recovering control freaks, which means we often flip out when change upsets our applecart. Pulling the lens out to see the bigger picture through a reading is more helpful than freaking out.

Kerrie BashaFuture business plans?

Publish. My. Book. I am now offeringclientsbespoke services in the realm of coaching and developing online courses in intuition, exploring the shadow and personal power. Ilove what I do and am excited about the future.

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