Regal Cinema at Birmingham Gardens vs City of Newcastle

By admin • 成都桑拿 • 17 Dec 2018

Regal Cinema to shut if council plan goes ahead TweetFacebookTheBirmingham Gardens Village Centre Draft Domain and Traffic Plan, the capacity of the council-owned carpark,adjacent to the cinema, will be reduced from 38 to 17 spaces.

The council staff saythe changes are necessary because the roundabout near the cinema is one of the most dangerous traffic sites in the city.

“Students and cyclists daily risk their lives using the roundabout to get from Wallsend and Jesmond to the university,” the spokesperson told The Herald.

DOUBLE BILL: The Regal Cinema operators George Merryman and Jo Smith will close the cinema on December 23 should they lose 21 car parks. Picture: Marina Neil

READ MORE:Regal Cinema threatened by a council plan for civic improvements“While a tunnel exists under the bypass, there is no obvious way for pedestrians and cyclists to get to it when coming from the south and west.

“The only way to create the space for a cycle way is to use a portion of the City of Newcastle-owned car park that is used each weekend by patrons of theRegal Cinema.

“It’s important that the city considers the needs of cinema patrons together with the hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists who are risking their lives each week trying to get across Newcastle’s busiest road.”

At last night’s meeting council staff spoke to the plan, saying site restrictions, including an 1.35m water main and n standards relating to car parks, prevented other alternatives on thesite.

Mr Merryman responded to the plan imploring the council to find another solution, saying the Regal would need a minimum of 35 car parks to stay viable.

“We know Newcastle city councillors care,” Mr Merryman said. “Some of you saved the Regal the first time.

“If the plan goes ahead, we will lose 21 of our 38 car parks. The cinema will close.

“The closing of the cinema is not a story any of us want to tell.

“Regal patrons are fighting for our parking lot the way the Kerrigans fought for their home in The Castle.”

George Merryman7.30 Reportafter Mad Max director George Miller donated a state-of-the-art projector and surround sound system.

The cinema reopened in February 2014 after the council gifted the building to theRegaltrust.

Bruce Beresford’s latest filmLadies inBlackwas test-screened at theRegal ahead of itspremiere this month.

“He (Bruce Beresford)is a real friend of theRegal. He wanted to get some feedback before they did the final touches,” Mr Merryman said. “He said the screening was the best screening for what he needed.”

Now Bryan Brown and Rachel Ward want to test screen their new film at The Regal.

Last night’s council meeting was attended by Christine Olsen, the writer of the screenplay for A Rabbit Proof Fence

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