Short Takes: Friday, September 21, 2018

By admin • 苏州性息 • 18 Feb 2019

TWO things I find bizarre: firstly, most drug-related deaths are caused by misuse of prescription drugs, either by over-prescription, addiction or mistakes. Secondly, the drug that causes our society the most money is alcohol. Both perfectly legal, and yet, all the governments’ efforts are directed at illegal drugs.
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Joan Lambert,AdamstownTHE representation of women in parliaments is greatly enhanced by the proportional representation – party list electoral system used in 90 countries. In 25 such countries women representation ranges from 37 per cent to 60 per cent, many of them European. The Single Member Districts system, used in for lower houses, has greatly favoured men. Other major advantages of the proportional representation–party list: no by-elections, no pork barrelling, one vote per voter. Are n women campaigning for this? Do they know?

Klaas Woldring,Pearl BeachVERY happy to see that they have finally circumcised the Queens Wharf Tower. However, I still think that the structure would make a great start for an artificial reef off Stockton beach.

Gerardo Prietto,StocktonGREG Cussan, your letterhas made John Sandy into a real person (Letters, 19/9). Until your letter John was just a name. We now know more about him and I would like to say “Welcome to mate, you certainly sound like a good bloke”. Unfortunately our refugee intake has not been made too welcome. We need to hear more about them and the things they have accomplished. To John Sandy: “Welcome to Oz mate”.

Wal Remington,Mount HuttonNEWCASTLE City Council’s plan for a skate park at Newcastle South beach is a great idea for the kids of Newcastle.However, now there have been some negatives thrown into the mix, such as sand getting on the park and its impact on waves, maybe it’s time to look at the old bowling club site in adjoining King Edward Park. It’s only about 500 metres away. This area is not currently being used for anything and it meets the criteria for public use. Even the FOKEP could use it!

Neville Morris,ValentineOBVIOUSLY Julia Riseley (Letters, 18/9) hasn’t been to the outback! She should, then she would realise that the country is overrun by millions of roos. I would love to know who informed her facts and figures were being falsified to justify the culling. Can you justify your statement Julia?

Robert Dixon,MorpethSIR Bill Slicer (Short Takes, 19/9)got it right. The Transport Minister has turned the multi-million dollar Sydney and intercity trains into mobile graffitied and vandalised platforms.It’s only a matter of time.

John O’Brien,MerewetherTHE POLLSWHAT do you think of the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan?

It’s great 52.17%,It doesn’t really matter 47.83%

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