Short Takes: Monday, September 24, 2018

By admin • 苏州夜网 • 18 Mar 2019

THE Catholic Church’s rules regarding celibacy and the seal of the confessional are medieval traditions and not God-given Biblical injunctions (‘Breaking the vow’, Newcastle Herald,22/9). Much of the scandal and cover-up surrounding priestly sexual misbehavior, and the Church’s protection of paedophiles, could be removed if these two rules were removed. The Church’s standing as a moral guardian would also improve, as would their attendances and finances.
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Geoff Black, Caves BeachDAVID Hughes, I don’t doubt you at all (Letters, 21/9). I find that a lot of young checkout operators have no idea what some fruit and vegetables are so when they ask me I respond with it’s a gwopolop fruit, then gain great amusement at the confusion. Lord knows what they eat at home. I even had an obese young lady screw her nose up saying “Yuk I couldn’t eat that” as I was buying sardines. “That’s obvious” I replied.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayI AM writing to voice my concern over Scott Morrison suggesting we need new laws to protect religious freedoms. I see no need for this and can only see this will only lead to discrimination on the grounds of “you can’t work here/I am not serving you because of your or my religion”.In a secular society you can follow any faith as long as you don’t force your views on to others and it is illegal to discriminate against you. Nothing needs to change.This issue will decide my vote.

Suzanne Kripp, Nelson BayI AM unconvinced $600 million is a sound public investment on a ‘short’ light rail system, then add on the damage to viable businesses. Surely there were workable solutions, like Hamilton being the intercity train terminus and Hunter line trains running into Newcastle? Sadly, the Hunter continues to have priority public works overlooked.

Garry Blair, MaitlandTHE 12.5 per cent rise on tobacco is calculated on the average wage in and that is purported to be $82,000 per year, as stated by ex-treasurer Scomo. The average ATO return is actually $42,000 per year. There seems to be something wrong with Scomo’s maths when he compiles figures to take as much cash as he can from smokers. Drugs, alcohol and old age cost more to the medical system than tobacco. In the medical system smoking and drinking is blamed for your illness. If you don’t smoke or drink the GP is stunned and one is told to go home and take an aspirin.

Ken Godwin,ValentineI DO not think building nuclear power stations is a good idea, due to the problem with the break down in Japan’s nuclear power station that filled the Pacific Ocean with tonnes of radioactive particles, which will affect ocean life for thousands of years to come, and that is not looking good for the fishing industry.You thought Williamtown contamination was a problem, well we have not seen the worst of the Pacific Ocean nuclear contamination yet.

Agner Sorensen, TeralbaTHE POLLSWOULD you go vegan for a month?

Yes 57.96%,No 42.04%

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