Short Takes: Saturday, September 22, 2018

By admin • 苏州性息 • 18 Feb 2019

THERE was a time when, if an MP was found to have misled parliament they would immediately do the honourable thing and resign from parliament. This is not the case with Peter Dutton. Some of the current crop of MPs seem to lack honour and a conscience.
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Susie Johnson,AdamstownSCOTT Bell-Ellercamp (Letters, 20/9)I think the majority of intelligent ns consume 250 grams of meat a day on average, annual chicken consumption per capital has increased from 4.6kg in 1965 to 49.2kg projected consumption in 2020. leads the world in meat consumption, an average of 100kg per person per year, intelligence thanks to meat, the thinking persons brain food.

Butcher Steve Barnett,Fingal BayYES Colin Fordham (Short Takes, 19/9), it’s spring and as an outdoor worker I love this time of year. A big thank you to the gardeners who brighten our neighbourhoods with fabulous azaleas, brilliant orange clivia and smiling pansy faces etc, making it easy to laugh off the swooping magpies, plovers and the odd cranky goose.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthWITH all the waste with the strawberries, instead of dumping truck loads of them why not put a metal detector through the load and give it to the farmers for their animals. Then it would not be a total waste.

Alan Ackroyd,HamiltonCONGRATULATIONS to Tim Crakanthorp for being labelled by Transport Minister Andrew Constance “Newcastle’s whinger-in-chief” (‘Light rail build a fortnight from finish’, Herald,18/9). It means at least one local Labor politician is doing his job, defending the city and criticising this neo-Liberal bogan Coalition government’s facile spin and for dishing up third-rate transport initiatives like the street tram and a privatised bus service. I’m sure lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes was embarrassed to be on the receiving end of Constance’s mischievous high praise. I hope so, anyway.

Keith Parsons, NewcastleDO not think I will get much sleep tonight after reading the article on page 7 (‘Fee of $44k for 600m move’, Herald,19/9). The question that will keep me awake is what is considered a “peak vehicle journey” in the Cardiff (ballet school) area. As a person who has lived in the Cardiff area since January 1972 I have seen a huge increase in the traffic flow and this traffic happens all day. Also I would like to know how council came up with 41 as the number of journeys per day the ballet school would generate as they are already giving lessons in the area?

Meryl Pickles,Macquarie Hills (formerly Cardiff)THE POLLSDO you think time capsules are an important part of history?

Yes 83.46%,No 16.54%SHOULD parking be limited at Marketown?

Yes 76.16%,No 23.84%SHOULD refunds be issued for tickets sold to seats that didn’t exist?

Yes 97.18%,No 2.82%

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