Short Takes: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

By admin • 苏州性息 • 18 Feb 2019

IN our gender-free society, what’s stopping our women’s cricket team replacing the current lot of failures playing in Pakistan?
SuZhou Night Recruitment

John Bonnyman, Fern BayTWENTY years ago I was delivering a yacht and pulled into Port Macquarie which has a difficult entrance. A second yacht followed close behind me and came to thank me for guiding them. It was the Navy vessel Lady Penrose and they gave me the best meal and wine I’d had for a long time. I wonder where those young men are now and hope their dreams and plans came true.

Ann Ellis, MerewetherREGARDING South Newcastle beach skate bowl, Robyn Lewis (Short Takes, 27/10). It’s very simple to get there Robyn, like they do everywhere, they would ride their skateboards to the new rink.

Colin Atkins, WyongJOHN Arnold (Short Takes, 27/10): GetUp!, environmental groups, the Greens, trade unions and the Sex Party don’t need their own schools. It’s easier to get an ideological toehold in existing schools. I’m sure if they had their own schools they would be, as you say, ‘inclusive’. It’s what they might include that concerns many of us!

Peter Dolan, LambtonSCOTT Morrison has seen fit to open government coffers to assist the farmers. Perhaps his largesse will also extend to providing additional funding for public schools, and adequate assistance to the homeless to end homelessness in this country.

Susie Johnson, AdamstownWHY have all our MPs turned into cold-hearted mongrels? Send the Air Force to Nauru and bring those children and their mothers here. MPs who don’t want them here, please go and live somewhere else.

Barry Spaulding, CardiffIF the Liberal-country party Coalition wishes to win the election next year, it must release all the refugees on Manus and Nauru and bring them to .

Ian Stewart, Elermore ValeTO Don Fraser (Short Takes, 27/10):It’s all good mate. Until today nobody had heard of you either … lol.

Tony Padgett, Newcastle EastNOT wanting to correspond to anyone in particular, I want to say virtue signalling doesn’t cut the mustard when washing one’s hands of contributing to climate change. Mining companies plant trees and also mine minerals essential for the production of the Prius motor vehicle. The only way to be holier than thou is to not exist at all.

Steve Barnett, Fingal BayRHONDAGrant (Short Takes, 29/10), yes the dinosaurs are being taken over by the thick black rimmed glass brigade who take as gospel what they read in a book written by an imbecile for imbeciles. Oh to have a couple of T-Rexs to sort these pathetic creatures out.

Brad Hill, SingletonTHE POLLSWILL you be holidaying on a cruise?

Yes 18.18%,No 81.82%

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