Short Takes: Tuesday, September 25, 2018

By admin • 苏州夜网 • 18 Jan 2019

HOW can these wealthy private schools be called independent when they receive huge government subsidies? Go figure.

David Davies, Blackalls ParkDOUBLE standards? We shall see if Teflon Billy Slater’s illegal shoulder charge is good enough for him to play in the grand final.

Mick Porter,Raymond TerraceI LOVED the story regarding Richard King (‘Brekky radio king’s wake-up’, Newcastle Herald Weekender,22/9). He helped me many years ago when a tree fell on my car at Stockton. Keep going Richard, I love you.

Darren Duffy,Bobs FarmREGARDING the gender gap pay: pretty simple equation, if you’re doing the same grade of work, you get paid the same pay rate, and treated equally. It happens on unionised workplaces across all industries.

Steve Paras,PelicanCHECKOUT operators’ days are far from easy Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 24/9). They have little job security, few benefits along with lousy pay. They also have to put up with rudeness and taunts from customers. Considering all of this, they do a fantastic job.

Julie Robinson,CardiffIN America they are still investigating and accusing Russia of interfering with their political system, yet a high profile citizen of the United States can determine who we have for our prime minister. It seems the meaning of the word “conservative” is meaningless when it comes to pleasing certain people.

Barry Reed,IslingtonKEITH Parsons, yes I totally agree with you (Short Takes, 22/9). Tim Crakanthorp has been getting under Andrew Constance’s skin by doing his job, but I don’t agree with his praise for our lord mayor. I think she is the worst mayor we have ever had and as a Labor voter she will never get my vote again. But we do have three of the best politicians here in Newcastle who work so hard for Newcastle – they are Crakanthorp, Claydon and Hornery. So, keep giving it to those arrogant Liberals in Sydney.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldSHARK attacks are unfortunate, so are car accidents. I find it bizarre that we are prepared to cull sharks in the hope we may kill the shark responsible, but humans who should have an understanding of responsibility are set free by the courts on drugs, drink driving and speeding offences to fulfill their destiny and kill innocent humans. A shark, a texting drunk or drug driver? I know what I would take my chance with.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayI WANT to congratulate councillor John Church for taking council budgets seriously (‘Council at war on finances’, Newcastle Herald,22/9). The lord mayor’s attack on him was totally unnecessary and shows poor conduct. Maybe if there were a few more L-plate councillors we might have a more transparent council.

Mark Burslem,Newcastle EastTHE POLLSDOyou think we need more youth mental health services in our region?

Yes 98.44%, No 1.56%

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