Short Takes: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

By admin • 苏州性息 • 18 Feb 2019

WITH Cher about to turn back time for Novocastrians and then other ns, I pondered the fact that so many of the singers and songwriters that defined the soundtrack of my life are still going strong. I just wonder whether the likes of Pink, Taylor Swift and even Adele (who is someone for just like me) will be doing tours down under when the millennial are reelin’ in the years, stowin’ away the time.
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Allan Gibson,CherrybrookAS a regular Coles shopper I notice trolleys exiting the shop packed full of new Coles bags. These bags are becoming the single-use norm. They are a larger, thicker bag and are made of 80 per cent recycled plastic in South East Asia. Coming from Asia where most of their plastic ends up on the coast of northern , I find this hard to believe. These bags are a bigger threat to our ecosystem than the bags they replace. We will really have to go to paper or jute!

Ken Godwin,ValentinePIE history lesson: 60 or so years ago, Dransfield Pies in Darby Street was a popular pie shop and sold, by the standards of the day, exotic meat and fruit pies. My parents bought them for Saturday lunch. I think Dransfields morphed into Darby’s Pies later.

Keith Parsons,NewcastleREGARDING the recent shark attacks that left two people fighting for their lives – catch and kill operations are flawed. Does anyone remember Ron and Valerie Taylor they went on a shark culling frenzy decades ago, but they only shot grey nurse sharks. I hope common sense will prevail and not have an open season on sharks.

Greg Stewart,WoodberryWELL done Steve Barnett (Short Takes, 24/9), your letter started with you ridiculing young retail workers for being confused when you speak profoundly unhelpful nonsense, and ended with you body shaming a young lady for not liking a type of food that a very large percentage of people find utterly disgusting. I’m guessing your criticisms must be the result of you being the most intelligent person alive, and possessing the most flawless figure imaginable.

Adz Carter,NewcastleSTEVE Barnett (Short Takes, 24/9) regularly criticises our young for not working and now, for working. Steve it’s impossible to know all the thousands of items in a supermarket. Deliberately creating a problem to embarrass a worker for your own amusement says more about you than them. Assumptions and body shaming are also not OK. Even low paid workers deserve respect.

Colin Fordham,LambtonTO Julie Robinson (Short Takes, 25/9): welcome to the era of the zombie checkouts and generation useless. I like the look on their face when, after they total your bill, you give them the coin change, it’s best described as totally dumbfounded, unfortunately this is now the world we live in.

Brad Hill,SingletonTHE POLLSWASRiley McGree’s goal better than Salah’s?

Yes 87.01%,No 12.99%

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