Strawberry contamination across the nation

By admin • 成都桑拿 • 18 Sep 2019

The contamination of strawberries around has devastated the industry.STRAWBERRIES CONTAMINATED BY NEEDLES HAVE NOW BEEN DISCOVERED IN ALL SIX STATESBerry Obsession, Berry Licious and Donnybrook Berries have recalled their strawberries nationwide.

Now health authorities across the country are urging people to cut up strawberries before eating them.

QLD* Original source of the scare with strawberries from a Sunshine Coast grower being pulled from shelves last week after two separate reports of needles being discovered inside berries.

* Multiple reports are under investigation by Queensland health of people discovering needles in strawberries in the past two weeks.

* Queensland government has offered $1 million to help farmers struggling due to the scare.

* A $100,000 reward has been offered leading to the discovery of the culprit or culprits.

* A woman received a warning by police after being caught sticking a needle into a banana at a shop in Mackay.

NSW* NSW Police have received reports of contaminated strawberries purchased at supermarkets at Tweed Heads, Taree, and Wingham.

* NSW Police on Tuesday confirmed needles had been found in an apple and a banana purchased from separate Sydney stores.

WA* Contaminated strawberries have been reported four times in Western , including three reports from Perth.

TAS* A woman reported on social media she’d found a needle in a punnet of strawberries she bought from a Hobart supermarket on the weekend.

SA* Two contaminated punnets of Western n-grown Mal’s Black Label strawberries have been found in towns outside Adelaide.

VIC* Two contaminated punnets reportedly located in regional Victoria as part of original investigation. No further reports since.

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